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Holistic Health Coaching

If you answer yes to at least 3 of the following 5 questions, then you are totally ready to partner with me.

  1. Are you interested in improving your health without focusing on weight?
  2. Would you like to use food as a gateway to further healing in your life?
  3. Are you ready to stop seeing food as a problem?
  4. Are you ready to prioritize your health and sit with uncomfortable feelings?
  5. Do you have an affinity (however subtle) for things that others may describe as woo woo, airy-fairy, or hippy-dippy?

My coaching service is not for you if

  • you feel its is more important to fit beauty standards than be well
  • you are seeking someone who will turn a blind eye to signs of disordered eating
  • you think patriarchy is awesome
  • you are heavily invested in arguing for your own limitations

Holistic Health Coaching Fees

Initial Call (1hr)  $150

Follow-up Calls (25 minutes) $65

Coaching Packages

3 sessions (Initial plus 2 follow ups) 245.00

6 sessions (initial plus 5 follow ups) 415.00

What to expect

In my view, the role of the coach is to be a facilitator not a dictator.  Much of the process will be determined by your needs and desires.   Personal growth assignments can include anything from reading assignments, to taking a kickboxing class, to starting a daily meditation practice.  Each plan is tailored to accommodate the priorities and personal style of the individual client.

Coaching sessions are conducted via phone or Skype. The initial call is used to assess where you are right now, clarify your goals, pinpoint road blocks, and co-create a game plan. Follow-up calls are there to keep you accountable. Each follow-up includes goal check-in, as well as a food feelings diary review to keep you focused.


Ready, set, go!

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