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Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 | 0 comments

Why Building Lean Muscle Mass is Key to Weight Management

manliftingweights__1432029617_96.32.171.71Most people tout cardio as the primary way to burn excess calories; most women limit their workouts exclusively to cardio. This is a mistake. While cardio has some benefits (supporting cardiovascular and brain health) it is not the best form of exercise for anyone who wants to be lean without struggle. In the end what you eat has the biggest impact on body weight but building lean muscle mass is the best way to spend the bulk of your workout time.

Take notes from men’s fitness

The fitness advice given to women doesn’t focus on effectiveness as often as men’s fitness advice.  You will also note that several physically fit men do not dedicate their lives to their physical appearance .  They don’t obsess over their diet; they don’t live at the gym counting calories and running on the treadmill.  While men naturally have a greater amount of muscle mass which makes weight management an easier task, their approach to fitness encourages the retention of muscle mass.  In contrast excessive dieting and cardio destroys muscle mass, leading many women to struggle to maintain their weight constantly.

Focus on Strength

Instead of weighing yourself to monitor your progress focus on building strength.  You will get the results you are looking for without an outrageous time investment.  Thanks to your natural hormonal makeup,the end result will be leanness not bulk.  As a bonus muscle strength is directly correlated to bone strength so if you keep this up you are far less likely to fall and break into a million when you fall down in you later years. There are a ton of resources available to help you get started.  Here are a few of my favorites

15 Minute Beginner Weight Training

8 Muscle Building Exercises for Beginners

Be Your Own Gym

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Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 | 0 comments

Be Encouraged

If you are like most, the noble intentions you held so firmly on the morning of January 1st are now but a distant memory.  The bad news is, you weren’t able to magically lose those 20 lbs after one week of  calorie counting and diligent workouts.  The good news is that the sustainable goal of fostering a mindful relationship with your body can be taken up any day of the year.  Set your sights on staying in the moment, eating what your body dictates, avoiding extremes, and building lean muscle mass.  Try to connect with the wisdom of this helpful pointer from Gautama Buddhathe secret of health for both mind and


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