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Posted on Nov 1, 2016 | 0 comments

VeganMofo Day 1: Southwestern Smothered Fries


I recently finished a huge academic project, a dietetic internship (a form of professional hazing that aspiring registered dietitians must complete prior to being permitted to take the registration exam).  During this process my schedule was so slammed I successfully delegated all domestic duties to my partner.  But now that I’ve officially finished and I have massive amounts of free time, I’ve come to the realization that my reluctance to camp out in the kitchen had nothing to do with time constraints.  It’s just not my jam; and, life is too short to dedicate massive amounts of time to shit that bores you.  That said, my reluctance to spend time in the kitchen is a major obstacle to maintaining a nutritious cruelty free diet.   Since I have not yet been able to convince my husband to permanently add cooking for me to his already lengthy list of domestic duties, I’ve started looking at ways to keep my kitchen time minimal while avoiding eating out daily.  Every meal I’ll post during vegan month of food is going to reflect those goals.

Today’s dinner idea was burnt, easy and delicious.  Hopefully when you do it only easy and delicious will apply 😉

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