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Posted on Sep 21, 2015 in Clean Eating | 1 comment

Applying Minimalism to the Diet

An increasing number of people are realizing that a tremendous amount of pleasure can be derived from a life that is pared down to the essentials. The same can be true of the diet. Few people are interested in creating gourmet meals after a long day at work. In fact, most people use lack of time as an excuse for eating poorly. If pared down to the essentials though eating well does not have to be overly complex or time consuming. Here is how you apply minimalism to the diet.

The objective of a minimalist diet

Keep in mind that your overall goal is superior nutrition.  Nutrition that meets not just your caloric needs but your micronutrient (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients) needs.  The best way to make sure this happens without getting bogged down in analyzing all of your food in a database somewhere is by making high nutrient foods the focal point of your diet.

Minimalist Cooking Strategies

Dr. Furhman helpfully suggests selecting two cooking days a week in Eat to Live.  Large batches of soup can be cooked in advance and ready for a quick warming at the end of the day. Once a month cooking can be helpful but it is a mammoth undertaking.  Cooking and freezing a few soups in advance can be less intimidating and just as useful.  I use my crockpot often to make bean and vegetable soups to combine with a salad when I get home.  Most of your salad prep should be done the same day you buy it. If you are buying enough salad for about three days at a time it’s a good idea to go ahead to cut, wash, and dry the lettuce and the more resilient components of your salad (carrots for example not tomatoes) and place them in the fridge.  Just before meal time during the week you should only be worrying about assembling the meal. There likely won’t be any way to avoid going to the store at least twice a week.  I keep a running grocery list either using Yummly or the Buy me a Pie app.  I get in a quick run to the grocery store on a lunch break during the week and a more substantial trip on the weekend.

Decide on a  general outline for your meals

For example mine is a follows

Breakfast: Vegetable Soup

Lunch: Salad with beans, fruit on the side

Dinner: Soup and Salad, fruit smoothie for dessert

This is what has proven to be the most satisfying and simple for me.  Just making three meals a day the rule frees up a lot of time, not to mention allows time for digestion between meals.


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