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Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Mindfulness | 0 comments

5 Habits that Encourage a Sane Relationship with Food

IMG_01771. Eat at similar times daily.  Sit down to snack if you feel the need.

2. Obey your appetite above all else.  Eat when you are truly hungry. Stop when you feel satisfied.  Satisfied is not the same as uncomfortably full.

3. Recall the days of your childhood and remember what it was like to think meal times were fun.  Focus on desire and joy and mealtime and re-experience those sensations.

4. Trust yourself. Trust your body.  The idea of eating at will is only scary when there is fundamentally no trust in the body or self.  This takes time to build, especially after years of dieting.  Set the intention to build that trust and it will come in time.

5. Fully experience your food.  Eat with no distractions, the only exception being the face to face company of another person.

Additional Resources to Help You Along

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