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Posted on May 30, 2014 in Miscellaneous | 2 comments

Honoring Childhood Food Habits

Alice RD2BPeople eat for a lot of different reasons, not just to satisfy hunger.  Many of us use food to enjoy a sense of connection to our past. What do you do when your adult belief system doesn’t jive with food traditions of your childhood? My interview with future dietitian Alice Kemp touches on just that.

How do your reconcile your childhood food traditions with your adult food beliefs?

If you find that the food culture in which you were raised doesn’t fit into the life you presently want for yourself, revamping what you want to keep and ditching what you don’t is the answer.  As you grow you are no longer limited to direct experience for inspiration.  You are free to develop your own personal food culture, sampling from any part of the world or person that you choose.  I personally love collecting fool proof simple recipes from darn near everyone I come into contact with.  True to form, I goaded Alice into sharing a quick Vegan Mango Lassi recipe in the latter half of our interview.


  1. definately enjoying the tips!

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